Our Approach

“At PP Asset Management, our aim is to back top quality management in high growth sectors.”

Working with our management

Selecting and supporting the best management teams is fundamental to successful investing. We look to work in partnerships with our team – being supportive and providing our deep investment and risk management knowledge to assist management teams with whom we share a close cultural fit.

We work with companies that are have seeded their own pipeline and are seeking a capital injection to accelerate their growth. We are nearly always the sole equity investor working alongside management to ensure the most direct lines for communication and decision making. We are also careful to put in place the most appropriate capital structure, so as not to impact the ability of the company to grow but ensuring rewards are available on success.

We put in place strong governance, bank control and reporting processes to ensure clear lines of communication and responsibility – but we ensure it is not over burdensome so our teams can do what they do best – develop assets!

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A strong sector and development focus

PPAM invests in two sectors: real estate (with an emphasis on residential development) and renewable energy (with an emphasis on solar energy development). We believe that a deep sector focus makes us able to select the most attractive investment opportunities and also provide the most focussed investor support to management of those companies.

PPAM focuses on funding early stage developers in Europe and the United States in our chosen sectors. We are able to bring our deep focus to these teams and help guide them through the challenges they face. Our investments and teams are set up to allow multiple re-investment opportunities in the chosen markets once success is proven.

Operating in chosen sectors and across jurisdictions, enables us to bring our significant contractor and exit relationships to our operational markets. Relationships coupled with rigorous in-house sector research allows us to collate a significant amount of insight into regional pricing differences and investment risk attitudes – assisting us to enhance our returns and/or improve the risk allocation in an exit structure.

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Being champions

Within our sectors, we look for those companies that have established an early stage market position – a seeded asset pipeline plus great reputation plus an outstanding team – with clear potential to grow further and to become the market leader within their region. We want sophisticated developers who have a plan and an ambition to be the champions.

Our investment selection process approach is designed to uncover such opportunities. Checking the physical development assets we invest into is often the easy part – the challenge is ensuring the right cultural fit with our partners – we need to feel comfortable we can work with a management team for many years and that we share clear collective objectives. Our senior managers have on average 15 -years of experience in real estate and renewables investment management and it is this that helps us be guided towards the right opportunities and people.

It often takes nine to twelve months to find the right partner once we have a sector identified. But when we have the right partner we can apply significant resources rapidly to boost the growth rate of our businesses and begin the journey to becoming the champions.

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Investment Activities

"We constantly strive to make superior financial returns and generate long term value in our investments"

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About Us

"Our dedicated team works with our investors to match up opportunities to your needs.”

Founded in 2009, PP Asset Management (“PPAM”) is a privately owned asset management firm based in London, UK. Our core sectors are residential and commercial property development and utility scale solar development. We invest our owner’s capital as well as private capital raised from high net worth investors seeking exposure to development risk in our core sectors.

PPAM pro-actively targets and finds its own management teams. We back Managing Directors and teams that have a track record, have seeded their own pipelines and need development capital to rapidly grow their business.

The firm is led by a team of real estate and renewable energy professionals with a proven investment track record and a demonstrated capacity to originate, finance, build and manage investments and deliver superior financial returns to our investors.

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